Identification Requirements:
Social security cards, voter registration cards, or any similar type of identification will not be accepted. Passengers without one of the above mentioned 2 documents will not be permitted to board the flight. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is necessary to take these security measures.


Traveling Outside the United States:

You must arrive 120 minutes prior to flight departure.  You must be checked in and at the FBO at least 45 minutes before your scheduled departure time.
If you are checking in bags, your baggage must be checked in at least 45 minutes before your departure time.
All flights will be closed 30 minutes prior to departure time.  Once the flight is closed no passengers will be added to the flight.  Any passenger arriving after the flight is closed will be re accommodated to the next available flight with a $75.00 change fee penalty applied starting September 1st, 2007.  
Each passenger is limited to 40 pounds of baggage. There will be an additional charge of $1.00 per pound each way to those who exceed the weight limit. Excess baggage is also subject to the availability of the flight. The size of your luggage is also very important. We suggest that you pack your items in the soft style carry-on type bags or duffel bags measuring no larger than 36”L X 15”W X 15”H. A $10 per bag over the dimensions just listed will be incurred. We also suggest coolers be limited to the 50 quart size no more than 54 quart size – and please no wheelies. Over sized or overweight coolers are charged $10 plus $2 per pound over 40 pounds. Any baggage which exceeds these recommendations travels on a space and weight available basis, which means that it may arrive sometime after you do.
Bahamas Express follows all guidelines set by the C.A.B and Warsaw agreement in reference to lost baggage, however, liability limit is one hundred U.S. dollars per bag unless a higher value is declared and excess charges paid.
Fishing and Diving Gear:
These items are permitted and will be included with your baggage weight. Fishing poles need to be 7 feet or less and we request that you break them down if possible.
Passengers may take surfboards at an additional charge of $50.00 each way, space permitting. No exceptions.
Hazardous Materials:
Bahamas Express does not transport hazardous materials, however, we do have a partner that is capable.  Please contact over office for more details.
Fuel Surcharge:
Do to the rising cost fuel, Bahamas Express will impose a fuel surcharge to all by the seat and charter customers. This charge will fluctuate with the current cost of fuel.
By the Seat customers passengers may make changes to or cancel their reservation at any time after booking and prior to the departure date for a fee of $75.00 per person. PLEASE REFER TO PUBLIC CHARTER CONTRACT FOR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Charter Customers all prices quoted are accurate on the date quoted, are subject to change without notice, and are valid for 30 days. Full payment is due at time of booking. Our cancellation fee is 50% of quote if the flight is canceled within 48 hours of flight time, and 100% of quote if canceled within 24 hours of flight time. A no show will be charged the full amount of the charter cost. ALL CANCELLATIONS OR CHANGES MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING. No Shows will result in the passenger losing 100% of the air-fare including vouchers and no voucher  ticket will be issued.
Bahamas & Pet Import Requirements: 
All pets must travel in a kennel. Cats and tiny dogs can travel in an approved satchel or sherpa carrier for $20 each way. Small to largish dogs can travel in a kennel up to 40 inches wide X 24 inches deep X 24 inches tall. Stowed kennels must be rigid plastic or metal. Larger rigid kennels require four seats to be pulled from the aircraft, and the charge will be equal to the current fare for four seats each way. Please call 754-200-0005 to reserve the space for your pets as soon as possible to ensure that we can accommodate your pet.
An Import Permit is required from the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade and Industry (Nassau) for all animals being brought into the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Applications for such permits (along with a $10 processing fee) must be made in writing to the Director of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Trade and Industry, P.O. Box N-3028, Nassau, The Bahamas. Please call our office for any questions. For the U.S.A. and Canada, the following are the main provisions of the Import Permit as it applies to dogs and cats: (1) Dogs and cats over the age of 4 months must be accompanied by a Rabies Vaccination Certificate not less than 21 days old and not more than 9 months old issued by a Licensed Veterinarian. They must also be accompanied by a Veterinary Health Certificate issued by a licensed Veterinarian within 24 hours of embankment. (2) If under the age 4 months, the dog or cat must be accompanied by a Veterinary Health Certificate, in duplicate, issued by a Licensed Veterinarian. The dog or cat, along with 1 copy of the Veterinary Health Certificate, must be presented within 24 hours of arrival in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to a Licensed Veterinarian for examination. The duplicate copy of the certificate will be left with the Customs Officer on arrival. The permit is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Please contact us for more information on this matter. This policy and procedure is confusing for first time travelers who wish to bring their pet. Regulations for all other types of animals and relating to countries not mentioned above may be obtained from the Director of Agriculture. Applications need to state the kind of animal, breed, sex, age, and country of embankment. Customs Duty for permanent entry of all animals from outside the Commonwealth of the Bahamas (dogs, cats, cattle, and horses) is $10.00 plus 0.5% of the value of the animal. Yearly fees for dog licenses in New Providence, Grand Bahama, and the other Family Islands are as follows: male or spayed female: $1.43, female $4.29. Animals not meeting these requirements will not be allowed to enter the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Air-Fare for Animals: The following rates are one way fares that applies to dogs only. The charge for cats is the same as for dogs.
up to 10 pounds: $25.00 11-30 pounds: $50.00 31-49 pounds: $80.00 50 pounds and over: $125.00 All dogs traveling on the Albury’s Ferry from Marsh Harbour to Hope Town must be in a kennel. Importation of Goods into the United States: It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure they are not bringing back anything illegal. You may check with the office for a copy of the US Customs Manual, or visit their website through the link on the right. Thank you.
Departing the Bahamas:
All passengers must pay a $20.00 departure tax before embarking. This tax must also be accompanied by your pink Bahamas Immigration Card that you were given before you boarded the aircraft. This document must be signed and dated on the back side. This is a good time to change in all foreign monies before coming home to the United States. This tax is not included in your airfare. You will also receive a blue U.S. Customs Card that must be completed before arriving in the United States.
Aircraft owned or leased by Charter operators under FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificates, all contracted aircraft are operated under their respective FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificates, in which case Charterer shall hold harmless and shall indemnify Charter Company against any and all losses.


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