Thank You!

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 at 6:28 pm


I just wanted to send a note thanking you for such a beautiful flight to and from the Bahamas. I must say after traveling with you I’m spoiled!
The morning of the flight I hit really bad traffic on my way down from Stuart. By the time I found the exit off 95 my stress level was at a high point. I was relieved when I came around the corner and saw the small airport we were leaving from, I was a little stunned when I was greeted at the front walk with a smile and a “you must be Miss Wigley, may I help you with your bags”.  I never even noticed a check in line. A kind woman behind a counter gave me a certificate for the complimentary secured parking lot, and within minutes I was through the automatic doors and on the tarmac. The same man that took my bags, that were by then stowed, but within reach, offered me and my flight companions a bottle of water and went through the emergency procedures, and then he slid into the Pilot’s seat. I had no idea it was the Pilot, Luciano Horna, who had met me as I exited my car. As the plane taxied I felt comfortable, safe, and really special. We left a little early for a beautiful 9am flight to Marsh Harbor. 
We flew on a small plane that felt large the way it was set up and the executive seating arrangement made for easy conversation with the other guests. We were the only people in the airport when we stopped in customs at Bimini and the continuing leg of our flight was as smooth and seamless as the first. I found myself at the hotel tiki bar before lunch and with the first sip of my Caribbean Cocktail the South Florida Traffic that had plagued me mere hours before was a distant memory.
Our flight home was as hassle-free and comfortable as our flight over. Thank you for seeing us through customs, and making it such a personalized experience. Given your competitive prices and outstanding customer service I just don’t see a reason to ever fly commercial to the Islands again. Turns out I’m headed that way a few more times this summer! I look forward to seeing you soon!    
Thanks again, you made the flights a highlight of my vacation.
Allison Wigley
Public Relations
Martek of Palm Beach
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