The United States Department of Homeland Security has announced that effective January 1, 2006, all U.S. citizens and foreign nationals traveling to the United States from The Bahamas will be required to present a valid passport or another secure, accepted document to enter or re-enter the United States. Click here for more information.


To enter The Bahamas, U.S. citizens need the following document listed below, accompanied by a return or onward journey ticket and proof of funds to support the visit. Stays not to exceed eight months.

NOTE: If you are using an electronic ticket, please show Immigration a copy of your travel itinerary and ticket number. 

Must be Current Can not be expired. 

NOTE: Persons are advised to purchase return tickets (and seek reimbursement upon returning   home for the unused ticket), even when they are certain to return via a private boat the chance of an airline/cruise line ticket agent allowing travel on a single ticket is very slim. If, however, the person gets to the point of Bahamas Immigration on a single ticket, the Captain of the boat would have to present himself and the cruising permit. However, a copy of the cruising permit will be permitted for crew members, who may be arriving by plane and returning by boat as their names will appear on the manifest. A letter will not suffice.

The U.S. Customs Service Welcomes You to the United States

The U.S. Customs Service is responsible for protecting the United States against the illegal importation of prohibited items. Customs officers have the authority to question you and to examine you and your personal property. If you are one of the travelers selected for an examination, you will be treated in a courteous, professional, and dignified manner. Customs Supervisors and Passenger Service Representatives are available to answer your questions. Comment cards are available to compliment or provide feedback.

Important Information

U.S. Residents – declare all articled that you acquired abroad and are bringing into the United States.

Visitors (Non-Residents) – declare the value of all articles that will remain in the United States.

Declare all articles on this declaration form and show the value in U.S. dollars. For gifts, please indicate the retail value.

Duty – Customs officers will determine duty. U.S. residents are normally entitled to a duty-free exemption of $800 on items accompanying them. Visitors (non-residents) are normally entitled to an exemption of $100. Duty will be assessed at the current rate on the first $1,000 above the exemption.

Controlled substances, obscene articles, and toxic substances are generally prohibited entry. 



  94 Non-immigrant Form: Click here to download



  94W Non immigrant Arrival/Departure Form:  Click here to download




This form must be completed by every non immigrant visitor not in possession of a visitor’s visa, who is a national of one of the countries enumerated in 8 CFR 217.

The airline can provide you with the current list of eligible countries.


  I-94 Visa Waiver Form: Click here to download


  Visa Waiver I-94 Arrival/Departure Record – Instructions

  This form must be completed by all persons except U.S. Citizens, returning resident aliens, aliens with immigrant visas, and Canadian Citizens visiting or in transit.

Type or print legibly with pen in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Use English. Do not write on the back of this form.

This form is in two parts. Please complete both the Arrival Record (Items 1 through 13) and the Departure Record (Items 14 through 17).

When all items are completed, present this form to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service Inspector.

Item 7. If you are entering the United States by land, enter LAND in this space. If you are entering United States by ship, enter SEA in this space.


Information on the US APIS System Information on Homeland Security














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